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Green Pest Control Methods For Your Home

The green options are found everywhere you turn these days. Taking care of the environment has become part of most people’s everyday lives. Some are recycling water bottles and newspapers while others are reducing waste whenever possible and reusing much of what once was thoughtlessly dumped in landfills. According to experienced experts from Green Pest Control in Miami Florida, there are even many green pest control alternatives. People no longer have to use harsh or dangerous chemicals to keep our homes free of pests. There are practical alternatives for eradicating pests and prevent recurrent infestations.

Some green pest control methods

Prevent infestation

Preventing pest infestation from occurring in the first place dfssdfsdfsdsdfis always the greenest method of pest control. Some methods can be used to prevent pests from gaining access to your home. If you don’t personally have the time or skill to practice these methods, consider hiring a qualified handyman to help you.


Making sure your windows are caulked will keep flies and spiders out as well as ants, roaches, and many other insects. A tightly meshed window screen will let air circulate but will also keep bed bugs out. Screens can also be used in attics to keep rodents from getting inside to nest and reproduce.


Basic housekeeping jobs can be surprisingly effective pest control techniques. Vacuuming will pick up many common pests. Keeping the floors swept will eliminate food sources, too.


Despite the best preventative measure, sometimes treatment is necessary to get rid of a pest problem. However, you can stay green while treating for pests. Your exterminator should give you options and information to make the best choice for you home. Here are a few of the options that may be made available to you.

Mechanical measures.

fdgdfgdgdgfdgTraps and Barriers are two methods of mechanical pest control measures. You can trap an animal and relocate it, and you can set up a barrier to keep it from re-entering the home. This means the environment to deter pest or convince them to relocate on their own. Moving a woodpile away from the house so termites choose a different feeding ground is one example of social


Targeted treatments. You may have to use some treatment to eradicate a dangerous or damaging pest completely. However, if you hire an environmentally sensitive company, then they can target the treatment to as small an area as possible. They may also be able to use detergent sprays instead of toxic chemicals. Ask what green options your pest control company uses to help keep you and your home safe and healthy.…

Facts To Know About Ladybug Infestations

A majority of complaints regarding ladybug infestations are actually as a result of Asian lady beetle that was introduced into several regions of the US as a natural control for those soft-bodied and crop-destroying insects. The bugs hibernate for winter inside rocky crevices and caves. That aside, the following are four facts to know about ladybug infestations.


Why do they come into the house during winter?ascassfdvsdrfvgwsd

Well, they are attracted to bright houses, particularly homes exposed to sunlight. Older homes seem to undergo more aggregations because they lack enough insulation. Ladybugs are going to come through cracks around your windows, under clapboards or through doorways.

They need to hibernate in a warm and comfortable area over the cold winter months. They gather in groups when hibernating. Thus, when you see one be certain that more are going to come. The best method of keeping them out is by repairing damaged clapboards, door trim, and window, and caulk small cracks.

2. What do they eat?

Not really. Ladybugs do not eat paper, plants, fabric, or any other piece of household item. But they like eating aphids. Aphids are quite small. However, they are destructive pest which feeds on plants. When they are trying to hibernate in the house, they survive on their body fats. Also, they prefer little humidity.

However, the homes are not usually quite humid during winter. They are rather dry and this causes a majority of your ladybug visitors to be killed by dehydration. However, besides natural death, you can also  learn how to kill lady bugs fast. Often, you may witness a ladybug in the bathroom drinking water. That’s some quite smart lady!

sxdasdxasdcAQs3. How can get rid of ladybugs ?

When they are not many, just leave them. They are going to depart when spring arrives eventually. When you disturb them, you are only causing them to stress out, departing on your walls yellow markings. This yellow stuff, note, is not a waste but rather their blood. The release some small amount of blood that is yellow and smells if they sense danger.

4. Why are they considered “beneficial” insects

Ladybug infestation should not give you unnecessary worries when they’re not many. They feed on aphids plus other soft-bodied insects which feed on plants. They feed on the insects as the larva or adult ladybug. One ladybug may eat in a day as many as 50 aphids. We are talking here of a hungry ladybug.…