The Best Space Heater Reviews


Space heaters are very useful since they help keep your warm. What makes it convenient is the fact that they are very light and portable. A reputable sales manager says that checking reviews of the best space heaters is crucial when making considerations to buy one for your home. Therefore, you should have one space heater in your home! Here is a review of the best 2016 space heaters, as recommended by users:

List of some of the best space heaters

1500-Watt DR Infrared Portable Space Heater.

It is convenient for use in a large room due to its large area dfsdfsdfsdfsdheating capability. It is a durable piece, and it gives you that cozy feeling, unlike other heaters. The quality is good, and it is quite affordable.

Vornado Personal Space Heater.

Just like the name suggests, it serves personal purposes since it is small and portable. It is meant for heating rooms as well as other confined spaces. It has a sleek modern design and it definitely, does a good job of heating. it is well made and is quiet since the noise that it makes while running doesn’t bother you. The airflow is pleasant, real heat is produced, it is light, and the cost is also reasonable. So, what more can you ask for?

Unique Heat Space Heater w/ Digital Display + Remote

The quality is good, and it has many features. Case in point is remote. The remote makes it more convenient to use and one can, therefore, operate it from afar; while the digital display makes it easy to read the temperature on the top together with other button controls. With such control sophistication, this heater has gained popularity and preference among users.

Lasko Ceramic Space Heater w/ Adjustable Thermostat.

dsfsdfsdfsdsdfMade of plastic but with metallic finishing, the Lasko heater also has many features. Some of them include the automatic shut off feature which enables it to go off in the case of an accident. The controls are easy to interpret, and it works like a charm. And, oh! It is long-lasting.


All electric heaters are equally efficient. They are 100% efficient at turning electricity into heat. On a heat-per-dollar basis, they are terrible, because electricity is expensive, but remember cheaply is expensive. The cheapest ones tend to be super loud and prone to issues. Ceramic are loud. I recommend spending a decent amount. Infrared are silent which is a huge plus. If you want the best, be ready to invest!