Selecting the right vacuum cleaners for your needs

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Recently great improvements have been made in upright vacuum cleaners. If you can afford one and can handle it, and you have a busy or large house, it is the best choice. However, they have some disadvantages. Below are some of the disadvantages.

Disadvantages of upright vacuums

  • Height. They are not very big. It becomes a challenge for tall guys to use it. You will be bending over to use it efficiently. You will, therefore, end up straining your back.
  • Power. There has been a lot of improvements in the suction power of these vacuums. The carpet cleaning, vacuum cleanersuction power might not be enough for Berber carpets. It can easily pull out some threads. Before buying one, search the internet or ask your carpet retailer about the possibilities of it damaging your carpet.
  • Size. It might not be easy to get to the small corners. An extension might be needed.
  • Weight. Upright vacuums are heavy. It might be a hassle carrying it upstairs. For safety measures, you should never, put the cleaner on stairs above you. Keep it on the ground, use the hose and stair attachment and do cleaning from the top steps.

Vacuum cleaners are among the most important electrical cleaning tools you will ever use. It, therefore, calls for the best purchase.

Below are some features of the top vacuum cleaner models.

High-level filters

Small particles like dust and pollen that cause allergies and asthma can be blown back through a vacuum to the air. It is therefore important to buy a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) vacuums. If otherwise, it will be just like a bag emptying system. If you are allergic or have family members, who are, always buy a vacuum cleaner with sealed disposable bags.

Bag free cleaning

It is advisable that asthmatic people should not purchase bagless systems. If however, you are not asthmatic, a bagless bag gives you full suction as you clean. It saves your emptying time and hassle as well. You will not be required to buy vacuum bags as well.

Pet hair features

stair cleaning, vacuum cleanerSome of us cannot live without pets. However, they cannot stay without shedding. A decent vacuum can collect pet’s hair from the floor. However, high-quality ones can suck hair from the sofas and stairs. Some vacuums come with a rotating feature brushes that fit the hose and allows you to suction fur from the stairs, seats and car interiors.