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How to rent out your condo

There are different ways to invest in the real estate. Buying a condominium is one on the lists that people think could give money in return for the investment. But how do you know if a condo is a good investment? How does one can make money from condo unit? Renting out your condo is profitable, and the process is manageable. If you set up it right from the start, the money earnings can give you a benefit. So, if you have decided to rent out your condo unit, here are some helpful tips.

Prepare necessary documents

The first important step is to inform your homeowner association for the rental approval. Some condos permit rental, but others do not. They have certain rules of tenancy period like 1-2 years before you can have it rented. It is better to set an appointment to the board to determine the correct process and review the copy the covenants, conditions, and restrictions of the unit.

Know your market

Before taking your unit to the market, it is important to set your product, placement, and price. Considering the place as the product, make some improvement and fixing the place. Aside from making it look nice, secure a good condition to all parts of the unit. It could give a good price. You need to consider also the amenities, location, neighborhood conveniences that your condo offers. You may consult an agent for the price suggestion. They know well in this field.


Enhance your insurance

Upgrade your insurance that will cover the tenants. A rental property has exclusive coverage including damages and liability coverage for your assets.

Prepare the legal papers

Hire a real estate lawyer to manage the rental application and lease. The two documents will protect you, including your property and your investment. The legal will also prepare other local laws and agreement regarding the rentals.


For rent announcement

After the preparation of the legal papers, you can now post and advertise the availability of your condo unit. There are a lot of ways to do it this time, newspaper, flyers, and social media. As soon as you receive an applicant, screened and verify relevant information provided on their application form. You can conduct a personal interview and ask a modest application fee to screen out unqualified renters.

Consider short or long term earnings

For short time rentals, you can set adjustable rates on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. This deal can give you a higher earnings than the long term lease. And it would make you a chance to use the space now and then. For the long term rentals, you will receive monthly payments lesser than the short term rental. But this is the best solution for owners that do not use their units for a longer period.

Having a condo is not only having a place to live in, but it is also a great financial asset. So, are you ready to buy your first condo and earn money from it? Try the units offered in Zen Condos; you might consider choosing one of it. I hope this article would help you in the process and make it easier for you when you decide into being a landlord.…

The benefits of having a condo

The Benefits of having a Condo

There are such a lot of benefits if you are considering having a condo unit. As you’ll know, a condo is a type of real estate property. However, it’s part of a building; you’ve got the right to possess that unit and will do anything with it so long as you’re not violating the rights of the other occupants. You are conjointly subject to owning a deed of absolute ownership over the unit once you have fully obtained it.

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If you are one of those single individuals who simply doesn’t want to be minded by gardening or only looking after a whole house, then having a condo is the right home for you. You’ll simply have a little deck area as part of your condo to require care and that is it. The rest of the landscaped area that is that the common area has folks working on them to keep them maintained.


Most condo buildings are located in the middle of the city. Therefore you do not have to drive long distance simply to go shopping or eat at an elegant restaurant. You will be in the middle of the cosmopolitan near all the necessary and popular establishments and buildings. Transportation and business institutions cannot also be a burden since you’ll have straightforward access to them. You’ll also choose a condo unit near your workplace. Therefore, you do not have to wrestle with everyday traffic and time constraints that could also cause stress.


256treYou’ll be able to rightfully enjoy the available amenities and common facilities in most condo buildings. They typically provide swimming pools, tennis courts, basketball courts, lobbies, gyms, and elevators. Another advantage is that it is subject to the management’s rules and regulations; therefore, using such facilities is only given to the owners of the condo unit. And not like living in apartment communities where residents do not have a sense of ownership over their amenities, they typically abused the facilities available to them. But, condo unit owners are a lot accountable since they usually have a membership fee each month for the maintenance of their premises and common area.

 Secured environment

Another great advantage of having a condo unit is its safe atmosphere they provide 24/7. You’ll even have an extended vacation and not worry if your house is safe. Most condo buildings offer a state-of-the-art security device and security services that will allow you to sleep well at night. Also, residential homeowners would like to follow bound rules and restrictions to maintain the standard customary of living especially in familiar places at intervals the building.


378uytUnlike living in a residential space where all the responsibilities and expenses fall into your burden, living in a condo building can allow you to share all the responsibilities and maintenance with the other homeowners. As part of life there, you will need to get monthly membership fees a month, this can depend on where you reside, and this payment can guarantee the sanitation and beautification of the entire property.…